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The Tuscan Wedding would not be the efficient and prosperous wedding planning company it is today without the hard work, determination, and vision of its founder, Daniela Tripodi. Daniela is an expert in her field, has a detail-oriented mind, and knows how to make any wedding an epitome of elegance and grace. Here is a word from Daniela herself to discuss her views on what it feels like to be a wedding planner.

My Sentiments, Viewpoints and Ideas from the Perspective of a Wedding Planner in Tuscany.

Passion. It’s as simple as that. I am passionate about planning weddings. More importantly, I am passionate about planning your wedding. I want you to have everything you want on your day because it is just that – your day. I believe that you must be passionate about what you are doing, because you are the one who is doing it. I truly and deeply love my job and I am very fortunate because I have the privilege of doing it every day. I know weddings. I breathe weddings. I adore weddings. I feel very lucky and grateful every morning to wake up and do something I love.

This is how it started: When I was growing up, my mum was organizing local, political, and charity parties. I was intrigued by the glamour and inner workings of these events. In my recollection, this was the catalyst for my career. I fondly remember one of my first jobs working as an event hostess and I always found the party-planning world very fascinating. When I would ponder my future, I envisioned that I would work as an account manager for a big company or as an event organizer. All I knew is that I loved working and dealing face-to-face with people.

During my youth, I was able to study English in London. Then I went back to London to live for another eight years after graduation. I attribute the woman I am today to London. It was there when I came across many different people and cultures. I learned so much more than English. The city was demanding and I adjusted myself to work harder to keep up with the fast pace. It was rare that I saw people looking like me. London was unlike any other place I had visited because it was home to an assortment of different ethnicities, which helps me today in my line of work to connect with diverse couples. Other than working and living in London, I have also stayed in Australia, Holland and shortly in Asia.

In 2004, I started to organize a wedding for a friend. After that, many other weddings followed. I gained more experience in 2009 when I returned to Italy and opened my own company. Through traveling, I saw the world up close but realized I was lacking something. I dearly missed my friends and family—but most of all I missed my sister. From there, I decided it was time to come back home to Italy. Although born and raised in Italy, it was only when I returned home that the splendor of Italy hit me. The hills, smells and food are the joys of my life.

My job is not just one task; it is very versatile that involves numerous things. I work long hours each day but I think it is easier this way to ensure quick responses to my clients. My productivity will help expedite the process to move the wedding along smoother. A misconception about my job is that I design weddings. I am a good listener and process the ideas given to me. Through their ideas, I am able to make suggestions and plan accordingly.

You might ask, “What’s the best part of your job?” To which I will confidently reply, “the end.” No, not just because my work is done. The end is when everything plays out and you see all of your hard work coming together. Please do not get me wrong, I enjoy the beginning as well but the end is where everyone reaps the benefits. I, personally, am overwhelmed with delight what I see a blissful bride—this fills me with pride. When she runs up to me with a sparkle in her eyes and throws her arms around me in a tight hug and sincerely says “thank you,” that is all I need. A simple outward sign of genuine appreciate makes the hard work, sore feet, low energy levels, pressure and tedious tasks fade away out of my memory.

When I am first introduced to a potential client I am anxious to impress her and hopefully work alongside her throughout the wedding planning. Once a bride picks me, entrusts her wedding day to me, and has faith that I can get a certain job done I am ready to chase her dream vision with my team. To have an elated bride at the end of an event is the biggest accomplishment I could experience. I am thrilled to know that I satisfied her and made her day a success.

For every moment of stress comes a moment or pure joy, for every moment of anxiety comes a moment of laughter, and for every tear of sadness or anger comes a tear of pure joy. I am lucky to witness all of the above. I would not change my life for anything. What I am a part of, making people happy, is the most satisfying and humbling experience I could wish for.


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