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What makes The Tuscan Wedding the most competent and suitable event organisers? Well, The Tuscan Wedding the award winning wedding planner in Italy is highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. In fact, they are experts with many years of experience and training. In the past, they have worked with diverse couples and business groups from all over the world and have left them satisfied with the quality of the work. The Tuscan Wedding team will take care of you each step of the way while introducing you to the beauty of Tuscany. The Tuscan Wedding will provide all the guidance necessary in order for you to realise your dream event or Wedding in Tuscany.

Here at the Tuscan Wedding, we create your fairy tale wedding in, what we like to call, a fairy tale setting – the beautiful land of Tuscany, Italy. Besides arranging flawless weddings, we would love to organise any event you might have in mind. Typically, The Tuscan Wedding works with couples from abroad and helps them navigate Italy while planning their event. The best part is that we will do this anywhere you choose, which includes the bustling cities filled with art and unique architecture to the most picturesque and relaxing countryside. Think big and don’t limit your options because The Tuscan Wedding is prepared to plan your special day in other venues such as Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Florence, and even in the Lake District.







If you are looking for that extra little bit of flair for your special occasion, then the team have just what you need. Our creativity is what you need to make your day extra special.


One of the most important things you need when planning an amazing wedding is passion. Our Italian wedding planners are not only creative and amazing but our passion is second to none.


Why not check out our gallery to get an understanding of how incredible and awesome the events we have put on for clients in the past are. Our international wedding planners are sure that you'll find something you like.

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Mission Statement

What is The Tuscan Wedding?

The Tuscan Wedding is a team of professional, experienced, knowledgeable and loving wedding planners that will support your wedding dreams to create perfection.


What do we do?

We work with passion to create, organize and support you in designing an unforgettable day!


Why do we do it?

We love to make your dreams come true!