An Italian Vineyard Wedding

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As the second wedding for both Jurgen and Jane, they decided on a celebration surrounded by their kin and best friends within the vineyards of Castel Monastero, a beautiful location south of Florence.
After the bride arrived by Fiat Ape wearing her classical gown, it was time to begin their civil ceremony held within a small gazeebo. Surrounded by her dear friends wearing their own selection in dresses, the two proclaimed their love for one another.
Following the congratulations, the entire party headed down into the wine cellar filled with soft light emanating from candles placed around the entire area. The menu was prepared by the venue and featured a stunning array of delicacies. The aperitif carried baked Gaeta black olives, bruschetta with cherry tomatoes and capers, fresh cheese, small pastry pizzas and ham rolls with figs or melon and balsamic vinegar. For dinner, three dishes were offered, including a bread and tomato soup with basil crispy bread, tomato confit and zucchini blossoms. Another was pennoni pasta filled with pork ragout and zucchini served with saffron cream and sweet pepper coulis. The third was a suckling pick aromatized with Szechuan pepper and served with polenta, potatoes, wild fennel and pumpkin puree. Dessert was much less decadent, featuring only passion fruit cheese cake with pineapple foam, chocolate and mint ice cream.[:]

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