Best Flowers for a Tuscan Wedding

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“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank

With the beautiful, enchanting, and gorgeous season of spring among us, we here at The Tuscan Wedding can’t help but feel overjoyed and completely filled with bliss with all of the blooming gardens and fresh flowers all around.  In our line of work, we see the most stunning and breathtaking flower arrangements. For a wedding, flowers are everywhere! Usually, the bride picks her favorite flower in a particular color, similar to the color scheme of her wedding, and that flower is utilized in several elements throughout her wedding.  The flower is used for her bouquets, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, the groomsmen’s boutonniere, and the groom’s boutonniere. You can also see the flowers decorating the wedding ceremony venue, in addition to the wedding reception venue.  The flowers can be utilized as table decoration, cake decorations, and anywhere you can imagine!  Flowers add a very romantic atmosphere with a delicate and feminine touch. However, flowers must be selected very carefully as you should pick on that it is in season and fresh, but also so that it is symbolic to you. Red roses are a classic favorite for brides that represent love—perfect for a wedding!  Pink roses symbolize happiness and perfection, which is another popular wedding option.  Coral roses encompass a sense of desire, which can mean your desire to be together as a happily wed couple.  White roses stand for innocence and yellow roses are a reminder of friendship.  This is perfect for a bride’s union with her best friend and groom. Orchids also represent love but they also represent beauty and refinement, which will suit a very elegant and minimalistic chic theme.  Red carnations look gorgeous and symbolize admiration, as we are sure that the bride and groom surely admire each other.  Lavender, not only beautiful but fragrant, is a symbol of luck.  This is a great way to represent and wish for a very lucky and successful marriage. On the other hand, for a very fun and outdoor wedding, daisies represent love and loyalty.  Asters, popular for their vibrant purple shades, represent love, devotion and daintiness.  A wedding with both daisies and asters would be suitable for a very simple yet shabby chic wedding theme.  Baby’s breath is also a viable option with stands for pure-heartedness. Lilacs are another popular wedding flower that come in a variety of colors.  A purple lilac represents first love.  This is perfect for a wedding that commemorates true and final love as you vow to love each other until death.  A white Lilac is reminiscent on youthful innocence.  With a world that is filled with a variety of flowers in different shapes, sizes, and colors, the options for a beautiful and unique bouquet are endless.  The ones we have told you about are just a quick summary of some of the classic flower options. In addition to selecting a flower based on what you what your marriage to stand for and represent, it is crucial to take into consideration the season.  In order to get fresh flowers, the one you select must be in season.  Take a look at the charts below to help you with your selection. Contact the Tuscan Wedding today and we can help you find a great florist at a price in your budget.  Flowers are an amazing way to add romance, natural beauty, and luxury to your big day.

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