Color Schemes for an Italian Wedding

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A wedding is a very symbolic ceremony in several aspects.  It is a representation of your love and passion for each other, as well as your longing to become one in marriage.  Every part of a marriage ceremony has an important meaning.

The flowers you selected have a meaning as discussed in our previous article.  The white wedding dress is a symbol of purity.  The vows you exchange are symbolic of how you feel for each other.  If you decide on following the tradition of something new, old, borrowed, and blue, each of those categories stands for something very special, indeed.

Color is another way to a layer of symbolism in your marriage.  The color you select for your color scheme should not only be your favorite color, but a color than represents a unique and important characteristic or quality that embodies your relationship.

Red: This fiery color is a typical color that stands for love.  In addition it represents passion and energy.  The bright vivid color captures your attention and fills you with the sentiments of power, excitement, and intensity.  This color is a great choice for a very intense and stimulating relationship.  This romantic hue is also very popular for classic and elegant themed weddings.

Orange: This warm, enthusiastic, and energetic color is for a couple that values fun and happiness.  In some European countries, this color holds religious significance.  This standout color also represents health, ambition,  and youthfulness.  This vibrant hue is a beautiful color for an autumn wedding or perhaps a lovely villa garden ceremony.

Yellow: As a reminder of joy, cheer, and happiness, yellow is an eye-catching color that is known for its optimistic, hopeful, and imaginative shade.  This color enraptures the joy of the sunshine and summer time as it symbolizes warmth and friendship.  This fresh color is a beautiful color for a countryside ceremony during the spring or summer.

Green:  This is a very popular out in nature that also signifies the power to heal, fertility, and good luck.  Green is also known for representing stability, generosity, and success.  This soothing color is well loved for its balanced, relaxing, and restful qualities.  As a symbol of life and growth, this is the perfect color for a garden wedding where new life is beginning, a relationship is growing, and two lives become one.

Blue: Representing peace, harmony, wisdom, and trust, it’s no wonder why blue is a traditional wedding aspect of “something borrow, something blue.”  Symbolizing, protection, security, and loyalty, it also describes stability and faith.  With such strong qualities, a blue color scheme would look gorgeous with any venue.  Get creative as the blue hue also represents confidence!

Purple: This color is typically associated with royalty, wealth, and wisdom but in addition to this, it symbolizes respect and spirituality.  This is a suitable color for a more elegant wedding as purple is a representation of luxury, dignity, and passion.  Purple is a unique color that has a sense of mystery, magic, transformation, and enlightenment. A purple color schemed wedding, would look gorgeous in a castle wedding or perhaps a church ceremony.

Pink:  Also another popular color that represents love, pink is a color that symbolizes softness, tenderness, and caring.  It is a sympathetic and emotional color that’s hue also encompasses sentiments of beauty, passion, and romance.  This notoriously feminine color is a lovely shade for many weddings whether a castle, garden, or villa ceremony.

Brown:  Unlike the feminine pink color, brown has a sense of masculinity.  Nevertheless, it is a comforting color that represents simplicity and friendship.  It provides symbolism for stability, endurance, and reliability.  Brown is a lovely accent color that would look stunning for a shabby chic or rustic style wedding.

Gray:  Representing stability and security, gray is a color that is very neutral and timeless.  This practical color also encompasses the qualities of having authority or maturity.  It has a very cool hue that is perfect for classic and sophisticated wedding perhaps in a castle or elegant ballroom.

Black:  This bold and rich color represents more than you would think.  The powerful black color is a symbol for mystery, elegance, and strength.  This is also a tone of formality and sophistication.  For a wedding, black would be a color for a highly formal and chic wedding ceremony.

When you are in the stages of planning your wedding, your color scheme should not just be your favorite color.  It should also be a color that compliments a quality that you feel is important or a characteristic that is significant to your relationship.  The color scheme should also symbolize what you what your marriage to stand for.

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