Italian Handmade Wedding Invitation

d91e97e9f7833ed5320e25a4f570e56aIMG_0294 IMG_0304654Invitations will give your guests a glimpse at what they can expect from your wedding.  They introduce your guests to the vibe, theme or feel of your ceremony and reception.  Making your invitations by hand adds a very personal and special touch to your wedding.  Here are some tips on how to create handmade invitations. All invitations should include the name of the couple, the time, the date, the ceremony location, and the reception location.  Other things you can say on the invitation are the names of the parents giving their children away to be married.  You can also choose to say the type of venue where it is a villa, hotel, etc.  Something unique you can also put are accommodation details. If you are having a formal event, there are a few things you should keep in mind.  First, try selecting a font that is in cursive or is script.  This automatically informs your guests that it is a more elegant event.  By also using a very clean white or cream piece of paper and not overloading it was irrelevant designs will indicate to your guests that it is a formal celebration.  Some other minute details and minor touches you can add are a satin ribbon to give your invitation more sophistication. If you are having a more casual outdoor wedding, you want to utilize more color to your card.  Typically you should choose a color that is also present in your ceremony such as the color scheme.  You can also use a more fun and unique font to show your guests that it is a more relaxed ceremony.  Something special about casual wedding invitations is that it can have more personality and interesting designs to show the theme or concept of your wedding.  For example if you are having a country-style outdoors ceremony, you can add some wildflowers or flower design to the card. Paper is something you also want to consider.  You want paper that is sturdy so that your guests can see the quality of your ceremony and so that the invitation does not rip very easily.  Color is something that you can to include on your invitation so that you guests know what the color thee of your wedding is.  You can also add general directions for the ceremony, ideas on where to park, a dress code, a number or email to RSVP, etc. Creating your own handmade invitation can be very difficult and time-consuming, however; it gives you great control over the design and information aspects.  Creating your own invitations can also save you money instead of having to purchase them through a vendor.  Have any questions on invitations or do you need help creating them?  Feel free to comment or contact us and we can help you as soon as possible.

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