Italian Wedding Music

2ebc727203ffb4f9bb24e7541e3a10f3 15a24f1af0f757e06af2488de9835c66 91fe6b4d78e1230944e50564dfefe377 Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.22.54 AM William Shakespeare once said, “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.”

This famous excerpt from one of his romantic comedies expresses a valuable lesson that cannot be denied. Music is a unique language—it is a beautiful, melodious, and rhythmic language of love. Additionally, music holds a tune everyone can appreciate and a rhythm everyone can feel. It is a universal art form that is celebrated, written, and presented in several forms.

Music is utilized in various ways and from the perspective of a wedding, music is used to celebrate the union formed by two people as well as commemorate the ceremony. From the moment a bride begins to walk down the aisle, the music begins. From thereon throughout the ceremony, it is a peaceful, light, and happy tune being played in the background. Then once against, as the husband and bride walk down the aisle as newlyweds, joyous music fills the air and signals that the celebration has begun. As notes are played, they are filled with lyrics of love, joyful melodies and blissful harmonies.

If you want a wedding party that is beyond perfect, make sure you have the right music entertainment to leave your guests stunned at the amount of fun they are having. The more fun they have, the more they will remember your magical celebration. Entertain your guests with the wonderful and awe-inspiring gift of music. Whatever your musical preference and vision may be, The Tuscan Wedding has a plan in store for you!

Here at the Tuscan Wedding, we have seen various types of melodies fill these magical days. The violin, harp, guitar, and other string instruments create the right amount of music during the ceremony. It is not too distracting yet the music it makes is absolutely lovely. Additionally, we have seen live singers perform throughout the wedding. This adds a very personal touch to the wedding celebration as you watch a breath-taking performer sing right in front of you.

One of the most important songs of the evening is the song you and your significant other choose as your song for the first dance. This should be a very special and meaningful song as it will be a representation of your love for each other. This is also a momentous song because it is the first dance you have as husband and wife. It should be a song that you value and hold close to your heart because it will show your audience how strong your love is.

Do you daydream about an orchestra? Its harmonious tunes will be soaring through the air as you, your significant other, and loved ones dance the night away. An orchestra is a fabulous idea if you would like a wedding that is a bit more formal, sophisticated, and elegant. Or do you prefer a DJ who can spin your favorite tracks? A DJ is a great option if you want a wedding that is a tad more upbeat and energetic.

Whether it is disco, classical or opera, the cheerful dance mixes and slow, sweet numbers will combine for an after party your guests will never forget. If you are feeling a bit more creative and want to include everyone in a special way, karaoke gets the entire crowd involved because they could either be dancing or singing!

Whatever expectation you have, let The Tuscan Wedding help you reach the high note for your wedding day!

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