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Hello and welcome to 2015!  We, The Tuscan Wedding, are extremely excited for a new year filled with love, challenges, and of course weddings!  We can’t wait to see what beautiful weddings and love stories taken place throughout the course of 2015, but nevertheless we are here each step of the way for our couples!

Here is what you can expect from your loyal and trustworthy wedding planners!

First, we stand by our previous commitment and promise to be your guide as you navigate the beautiful, and sometimes confusing, process of planning a wedding.  We are still here for you 100% of the time to answer any questions and advise and suggest as needed.  We are your Italy experts and will help you in any capacity we can.

Second, we will be your inspiration!  Did you know that we are active users on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and most recently Instagram!  Here is how you can find us and our usernames:

Pinterest: The Tuscan Wedding or http://www.pinterest.com/tuscanweddingxo/

Twitter: @Tuscan_Wedding

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetuscanwedding2

Instagram: @The_Tuscan_Wedding

Make sure to follow us to see all the fun, amazing, and wonderful things we are up to with our couples.  We are working to most on a consistent basis so that the inspiration and ideas never stop!  Use us as your resource to get ideas, spark new interests, and help you decided what you like and what you don’t like.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and we want yours to be absolutely perfect.  That’s why we work tirelessly until everything is how you like it.  Never fear that we won’t get the job done, because it is our promise to you that we will work together until the job is done.  We are a part of the process from the moment you contact us with your desire to work together until the last goodbye at your reception.  We are very hands-on and will support all of your decisions—after all, it is your dream day!

Another thing you can expect from us even if you aren’t one of our clients is a new article every other week.  We want to keep you informed and updated on the new bridal trends, locations in Italy to scout, and everything else that could potentially help you on your wedding day and moments leading up to it.  We want all couples to be happy and informed!  We will also be posting some real wedding stories of our previous brides for extra inspiration!

We had a wonderful time in 2014 and can’t wait to celebrate 2015 with our new couples and their loved ones.  We hope you are just as excited for 2015 as we are!  We also wish you a happy, healthy, and beautiful year!

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