Our Favourite Italian Dessert

At The Tuscan Wedding we offer many different options when it comes to food, catering and desserts. The caterers we use are top notch and will often times provide the wedding cake. However we also offer different wedding cake services, Tuscan Wedding Cakes, is a service we use most often. Tuscan Wedding Cakes does a brilliant job in designing delicious cakes; we are never disappointed. The Tuscan Wedding often likes to present the cake on a table with a variety of cakes along with fresh fruit. However Italian weddings do not only have a delicious cake to offer for their guests, often times there are many other yummy options. Following dessert we often like to offer sorbet to clean our palette, in addition to this we may come up with champagne with strawberry or lemon and basil to top off our traditional desserts.

Although The Tuscan Wedding likes to keep their cakes and many aspects of their foods at each wedding traditional sometimes we like to get creative! We love to re-create recipes and present something different and unique to your wedding guests. For example we will take a traditional dessert like Tiramisù and put it in a coffee cup. This is a very cute idea and is convenient for each guest. They can grab a little cup and eat it on their merry way. It is also the perfect portion of a sweet dessert like Tiramisu. We have also done this with cheesecakes as well. Panna Cotta is another traditional dish we like to serve; in English it translates to “cooked cream.” This is an Italian favorite and is famous for its rich dairy heritage. This dish often has decorations of fruit on top for a sweet detail. Cantucci with Vinsanto is another traditional dessert we like to make our own. Usually small biscuits are dipped in a sweet dessert wine, however we have added mouse on top to make the dipping sauce a different texture; that many people have enjoyed.

Coffee as everyone knows is very popular here in Italy not only to drink but it is included in many foods and desserts as well. Cappuccino cakes are one of our favorites that everyone always enjoys. These cakes are often filled with hot fudge inside which causes the cake to be warm; our mouths drool just thinking about it! Affogato is another coffee-based dessert. This dessert is often served in a small little cup with a spoon. It usually includes a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream, which is then drowned in a shot of hot espresso. Chocolate shavings are often added on top for decoration and taste. This cold (from the ice cream) and hot (from the espresso) sensation tastes phenomenal together.

Lastly of course gelato is a crowd favorite, who doesn’t love gelato? Often times we have old fashion carts serving gelato. This can look adorable at any wedding, and is appealing to all ages. Gelato is always a good way to keep the young ones entertained! Dessert is a very important part of any wedding and can be hard to choose, there are many good options!

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