How To Plan A Delicious Italian Wedding Menu

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By the time the vows are done and the rings have been exchanged, happiness and love fills the air.  With all the excitement and emotions running high, it is easy to go the entire day without eating too much, especially when you are nervous.  By the reception, everyone has said hi to each other and greeting have been exchanged.  For most people at your reception, they start feeling the hunger as their eyes search around the room for something to snack on.  At the Italian wedding, we specialize in helping you find the best caterer to suit your taste buds.  Here are some of out tips on planning an Italian wedding menu.

First it is absolutely crucial to book your catering trials well in advance. We will suggest the best cater for you in accordance style of the wedding and budget, alternatively  you can try  2 or 3 caterers so that you have enough for comparison purposes.  You need to take into account the catering companies capabilities, locations, price, and offerings.  During your trial appointment, it is best that the bride, groom, and wedding planner are present.  During this appointment, you will tell the caterer your vision and goal, your likes and dislikes, and ask any questions you may have.  Then comes the fun part—trying the delicious creations they have prepared.

The appetizers are very important because your guests will be very hungry when they arrive at the reception.  Most of the time, dinner is not served until an hour or two after the wedding so that photos can be taken and people can arrive if the locations are different.  Don’t keep your guests waiting in desperate hunger!  Have some appetizers ready for them shortly upon their arrival.  There are 2 ways you can set this up.  First you can set up a buffet table so that your guests can serve themselves, and off course will be waiters to serve food around too .  A second idea would be to have servers circulating around the area passing out the appetizers.  Whichever method you choose, the food will be fantastic!

In terms of the entree and dinner portion of the evening, there are endless opportunities for you to “wow” your guests.  This is more important especially if it is a sit down dinner.  If it is buffet style, then your guests cans serve themselves whatever they please.  However, since you are in Italy we suggest trying a traditional Italian dinner filled with declines Italian style delicacies, this is what our caterers specialize in.  You will not be disappointed! After the aperitif that are so many starters, we suggest to start with the pasta, normally you serve a pasta or a filled pasta, or a pasta and rice, famous italian risotto.

But that’s not it because you cannot forget dessert!  Besides the typical wedding cake served, offer your guests some additional options.  We have had weddings where couples decide to have a dessert bar so that guests can have samples of various desserts, which is always a big hit!  Another Italian delicacy that is super scrumptious is tiramisu, which we have served in cute coffee cup and looked very nice—your guests will be begging for seconds.  Other favorites are cookie platters or for a healthier yet still sweet option, try seasonal fruit! Don’t forget the coffee and tea to end off the night!

As your guests are celebrating and commemorating this special night with you, they will be filled with happiness and the most delicious and tasty food they have ever indulged in.  They will be thanking you for a beautiful evening and thanking your caterer for the scrumptious experience.  Buon Appetito!

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