Vincigliata Castle – Florence






If romance in the city of Florence is what you desire for you perfect wedding, then look no further because Vincigliata Castle is the destination for you.  It is complete with an enchanting ambiance, a friendly staff, and amenities to accommodate the logistics of your wedding and guests.  Recognized for their elegance and classical feel, the venue is very welcoming and will be a marvelous setting for an experience you will never forget.  The magical city will be the background of your big day when you say “I do.”

The venue has a variety of resources that you can utilize and take advantage of on you special day that best suits your needs.  The supportive and helpful staff will be with you each step of the way to make sure that preparations are going along smoothly.  They will also be there during the ceremony and reception to ensure that everything is flawless and nothing short of wonderful—even the smaller details.  The chef and catering staff will stun you with their delectable courses and mouthwatering, tasty treats that your guests will be enjoying throughout the night.  With great food and company the night will be off to an amazing start.

Besides this, the location and building itself will leave a positive impression—something they will always remember.  There are dreamy and comfy gardens near the courtyard that couples adore, especially during the warmer months.  If your wedding is in the cooler months, or fall to winter season, the interior of the castle is adorned in timeless pieces.  In addition to the courtyard gardens, the Vincigliata Castle has a winter garden that will give you a piece of spring during any bad weather.  The location is absolutely magnificent and once the guests are happily fed, they can move into the veranda of the winder garden.  The open area is a beautiful place to dance and enjoy the reception into the early hours of the night.

The Tuscan Wedding has seen the vast beauty of this location and is ready to help you plan one of the best days of you life here.  As you move into the next chapter of your life, the Vincigliata Castle will having you feeling like royalty the entire day as you share it with close friends and family.

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