Welcome! Benvenuto! Bienvenido! Willkommen! Accueil! No matter what language, our multilingual staff is dedicated to serving you and your loved ones on your wedding day to the best of our ability. Rest assured that the entire staff is competent, knowledgeable and experts in their field. Their attentiveness and a keen eye for detail will leave you speechless with the results of your reception. Our goal is to please you and your guests in every way we can.

From the first moment we meet to the end of your wedding day, we’ll be there.

Just call us the guardian angels for your guests because we strive to ensure that everyone is taken care of and is having a wonderful time. We will aim to secure fabulous hotel accommodations for your guests. It’s your wedding day so we don’t want to cause any added stress or tension. We want the bride to focus on herself, while we do our part in finding spectacular places for her guests to stay and work out all transportation situations.

We want your guests to be comfortable as we tend to all their needs and act as their regional guides. As long as they are in our care, we will aim to satisfy and deliver a beautiful stay in Italy. You can rely and count on us to give your guests a fantastic time while having their peace of mind as they celebrate with you during this blissful milestone in your life.


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Our Hand-Picked

Dream big: chose Tuscany for your next destination wedding.


The location of your wedding sets the tone for the whole event. Fortunately, we have hundreds of the most breathtaking venues in the Tuscan region available to you. Whether you are searching for a romantic villa, a charming castle, or a luxury hotel, we will work with you to customize the perfect accommodations for your guests on your special day. The Tuscan Wedding works with prestigious venues to deliver a unique Italian experience from your arrival to your departure and everything in between.


Eat, drink and dream.

Our skilled Chef and dedicated service team work tirelessly to bring your unique vision to life. The Italian Wedding Catering menu itself is also subject to your most specific needs and wishes: from specific ingredients to regionally inspired dishes, we can even match the menu to a color theme!


Wedding Cakes

Ordering your wedding cake can be challenging. And the truth is, the wedding cake is a big deal. A really great wedding cake designer can use as many as 60 individually perfected techniques on a single wedding cake design. We only work with competent professionals.

Wedding Cars

Wedding Car Rental Solutions for all tastes… and every dream.

Vintage cars, modern limousines or classic mopeds: every different set of wheels offers a means of making an impression and being remembered. We let you choose from a wide range of vehicles for hire, as well as providing transportation for your guests via shuttle bus.our care, we will aim to satisfy and deliver a beautiful stay in Italy. You can rely and count on us to give your guests a fantastic time while having their peace of mind as they celebrate with you during this blissful milestone in your life.

Midsummer Tuscan Wedding Dream
Living coral tones for the most romantic elopement in Tuscany

Flowers & Decorations

A floral design for every event.

At The Tuscan Wedding, our ambition is not simply to provide you with flowers, but to create a genuine tapestry of emotion through decorative elements. With your guidance, we combine flowers, colours and scents in an overall design that spans every aspect of the architectural milieu you will be using.
Through attention to detail and a passion for stylistic harmony, we work with you to perfect the ambience for your wedding ceremony or event. Together, we create an aesthetic presentation that makes all the difference.


Whatever your musical preference and vision may be, The Tuscan Wedding has a plan in store for you! Do you daydream about an orchestra? Its melodious tunes will be soaring through the air as you, your significant other, and loved ones dance the night away. Or do you prefer a DJ who can spin your favourite tracks?

Whether it is disco, classical or opera, the upbeat dance mixes and slow, sweet numbers will combine for an after-party your guests will never forget. If you are feeling a bit more creative and want to include everyone in a special way, karaoke gets the entire crowd involved! Whatever expectation you have, let The Tuscan Wedding help you reach the high note for your wedding day!

Organic destination wedding in a Tuscan Villa

Wedding Invitations

Address your guests with elegance and creativity. In pursuit of the element of intrigue and the creative spark, we work with you to produce the ideal invitation.

Instil a sense of anticipation in those you invite to your event, cultivating an eagerness and positive mindset for the time between invitation and realisation. From graphic artistry to the materials we select, from printing techniques to written content, our goal is always to create the utterly unique invitation that your event deserves.

Wedding Favours

Memories and emotions, yours through time.

This token of the special day contains the memory of a celebration and represents the essence of the couple’s hopes and dreams.

The object itself can be practical or humorous, and its personality contributes to the originality and persistence of the event. At The Tuscan Wedding, we have dealt with a vast array of specific requests, and are equipped to help you give shape to your every idea; as with your imagination, the possibilities are endless.



The voice of the ceremony.

The voice of your wedding is of extreme importance and we want to make sure you love is shown in the way you desire. One of the most important moments in your wedding is when you take your vows so please tell us how you imagine it, so we can be sure to acquire the best voice for your ceremony. This is a very important day and picking the right person and ceremony style to express your vows is extremely important. Love is unique to us all and so should your ceremony be unique to your love.

Photography & Video

Create the moments that will last forever.

Capture your event in a series of flawless and precious images, the flow of a magical time in a dynamic video. Employing photography and videography to the utmost extent of professional possibility, we ensure that the records of your event are as evocative as the experience itself. You’re the star in this production; be sure to preserve a reel worthy of the silver screen. This is your day, and we pride ourselves in providing you with nothing short of the very best in photo and video.


Make-Up & Styling

Shine like a star.

Great professional makeup and hairstyling to enhance your beauty, keeping you stunning and radiant all day long. In the skilled hands of our attentive staff, you will be pampered in every way imaginable; as your inner glow is brought to light, all eyes will be on you. From the moment you step out, and through the many years ahead, you’ll be marked on their hearts and minds.

Lights Designer

At your dream wedding, light designs will be used to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary scenes. Your guests will be transported and enchanted by the romantic story told through customized lighting displays. Our professionals can highlight personal details and characteristics to provide a dramatic and emotional experience. We can assure ensuring that your special day will be a sensational event and leave a glowing impression for years to come.



There is no grander finale than a spectacular fireworks display. End your celebration with a bang and make your wedding day unforgettable with a unique firework show to match your event’s personality. Give your ceremony a custom creative flare with the ultimate “WOW factor!” Our team of professionals will take care of every detail so that you need only to be amazed at your custom display. Let us exceed your wildest expectations with a magnificent fireworks presentation that will light up your event and highlight the firey love celebrated at your dream wedding.

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