A Destination Wedding to Florence, Italy

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Located just outside of Florence lies the Villa di Maiano, a breathtaking piece of Italian history founded in 1467 that served as Claudia and Tarek’s wedding venue when they finally said their vows on August 31, 2014. Their salmon and coral palette transformed the location into one of elegance befitting the couple.

To mix her Italian heritage and his Pakistani, they first held a prewedding with an oriental theme to celebrate its influence on their lives. Following this, it was off to Italy to celebrate in nothing but true Italian splendor. Dressed in a gown of elegance and surrounded by bridesmaids in peach, their civil ceremony was as majestic as the location itself, using a harp to surround them and their guests with only the most beautiful music.

Afterward, the romantic reception continued to play up the salmon and coral color scheme to enhance the romance of the evening. Lounge music floated softly in the air during the aperitif and, after dinner, both a DJ and live band rounded out the music. As for the entertainment, Claudia and Tarek spared no expense, hiring a professional pastry chef to stand on the dance floor and hand make their wedding cake in front of everyone. An ice cream truck served guests ice cream in addition to alcoholic cocktails while wonderful fireworks wrapped up the night’s events.

As for food, all of the guests were treated to a Tuscan feast. Fagottino with burrata and cherry tomatoes dressed with a light pesto and risotto with porcini mushroom, zucchini flowers and ewe’s cheese populated the main entrees. Sides included beef fillet with Brunello di Montaleino sauce, potato flan with marjoram and baby spinach with pine nuts and raisins. Apart from the wedding cake, hot gourmandizes, homemade pralines and tartufini capped off the dessert tray while Samovar coffee and a wine and spirits selection guaranteed the guests thoroughly enjoyed the celebration.[:]

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