Tuscany Events Planner Florence, Italy

As well as specialising in Weddings we are also an expert Tuscany Events Planner/organisers. We are the ideal partner to have during your event planning journey because we take the time to genuinely listen to your ideas and thoughts. After all, it’s your big moment that we are helping you plan for. The Tuscan Wedding has years of experience in planning events, and helping clients sort through all of the details. Along with our expertise and your vision, we can put together the perfect event; it is our guarantee.

While our company name is The Tuscan Wedding, our expertise in planning is not limited to weddings. We plan baptisms, baby showers, private dinners, galas, birthdays, and just about every type of event that you can think of. Our services also vary. We design invitations, provide photography and music services, and decorate, just to name a few. Our ability to plan events in their entirety allows for flawless results. We will exceed your expectations, and leave you and your guests positively satisfied!
The Tuscan Wedding is not just for weddings! Tuscany Events Planner

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