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Last week on the blog, we discussed the beauty of San Gimigano and the wonderful reasons you should consider the destination to be the backdrop of your wedding day.  If that did not catch or peak your interest, today on the blog we will be explaining and describing the magnificent time that awaits you in Certaldo.

Nestled in the heart of Florence in the Tuscan region, this town is located in the Valdelsa area.  Certaldo captures the best of both worlds as it encapsulates both a riveting historical presence as well as a modern and contemporary vibe.  You have the wonderful capability to use both worlds to your advtange.
The northern part is the medieval and very historic part of the town with massive and grand architecture.  There is a counter part which holds the industrial and contemporary part of Certaldo.  Both parts of the town are gorgeous and are very special for different reasons.
The Tuscan Wedding has had the opportunity to plan several weddings and we feel that Certaldo has so much potential to offer our clients.  Imagine the possibilities that you can have and the vast resources that are available.  Something unique about Certaldo is that most people have not heard or have been to Certaldo.  Most of our weddings have been planned in larger cities such as Florence.  Getting married in Certaldo would spice things up a bit and take your guests to somewhere they may not have ever visited.
You can use both to your advantage when getting ready for your wedding.  Perhaps you have always dreamed of getting married in a opulent church.  This town has several churches that are centuries old and perfect for a religious ceremony.  If you would like a very classic and elegant wedding with a modern twist, the south of Certaldo will have the ideal venue for you.  Although Certaldo is a smaller town, it has a very comforting vibe that your guests will instantaneously fall in love with—we sure did!
Something also to consider about getting married in Certaldo is the convenience.  Being so close to Florence, there are multiple ways your guests can travel to Certaldo, especially for destination weddings!  If your loved ones are traveling from various parts of the world to join you on your magical day, make it easier on them by finding a venue that is near the airport.  It is close enough to the city that you are able to visit and take adventurous day trips to; however, it is far enough away that you are able to relax from the busy atmosphere of a big city.
If you are planning a destination wedding, rest assured that Certaldo has a place to accommodate all of your guests.  There are several highly rated villas, hotels, and venues where you guests can rest and relax while enjoying your wedding ceremony.  The amenities of the hotel will have them feeling pampered and luxurious as they celebrate with you.
The food, just like the scenery, is beyond magnificent.  Certaldo has numerous restaurants serving delectable, fresh, and quality meals.  You will not go hungry when in Certaldo and neither will your guests.  Give them a treat of a lifetime and they will remember your wedding for decades.  There are many amazing caterers that are at your disposal and will create a tasty and mouth-watering menu for you to enjoy.
The reasons for getting married in Certaldo are evident and we, The Tuscan Wedding, would be privileged to assist you in making your wedding in Certaldo a beautiful success.  Contact us to find out how you can say “I do,” in Certaldo.

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