Tuscan Wedding in Italy


When discussing their dream wedding, both Amer and Rasha picked Italy to be the spot of their destination wedding–Italy was the backdrop to their special day filled with love, romance, and absolute perfection as the couple said “I do”. So, this couple from Dubai boarded a plan for the wedding of their dreams.

Amer and Rasha got married in a beautiful borgo, a small village in Tuscany, called Borgo Corsignano. A borgo is a small town that was previously function on its own with all the necessary establishments such as stores, schools, and churches, but now it has been restructured into a property for luxury purposes.

The groom was a television producer and the bride worked in advertising; however, they both took time off from their careers to share in a special trip that was the opening pages of a new chapter as their entered into marriage. The couple flew to Italy for quality time with friends and family and an escape from their everyday routines.

The first night in Italy was a very intimate and fun evening as the guests had a barbeque night and just spent time reconnecting and bonding with their guests. They also sipped on delicious wine to calm their nerves and have a peaceful time. This was a quiet and relaxing evening to prepare everyone for the following day.

This blissful wedding took place on a cloudy day at the begin of June and the couple had planned for an outdoor wedding. The view was spectacular as they said their vows overlooking the hills and a castle. As guests entered, they were offered a welcome drink and since it was outdoors, the ladies were given heel stopper from sinking into the ground–the bride and groom had really thought about their guests and were prepared to have a quality wedding.

Once vows were exchanged and they were pronounced husband and wife, the party celebrated with appetizers by the pool in an area that was overlooking the valley. Dinner was also outside and guests were offered a light scarf or pashmina if they were feeling chilly. The decor was unique and was set in a drawer–a rustic element. The name tags were in wine corks and there was a bottle center piece on each table. There was fine detail and creative ideas put into the decoration of this reception. Rustic and elegant touches mixed with wooden elements was the goal.

To thank their guests, Amer and Rasha gave them limoncello bottles. They continued the celebration with cake and then dancing inside with a dj who they had hired from Dubai. Once the night was over, the guests retreated to their rooms, but the next day the celebration continued with a pizza party where guests had pizza made right in front of them.

This was an experience that Amer and Rasha will never forget. They said their vows and entered a new phase in their life surrounded by the natural and overwhelming beauty of Italy. This country will forever hold a special place in their hearts.[:]

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